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Scaling DV Cleared Capability whilst Lowering TCO

Case Study

The client was looking to scale DV cleared capability whilst lowering TCO so they were specifically looking for junior level resources for their senior leads to manage and mentor once deployed.


We built a bespoke programme to match the above requirement. Collaborating closely with our client, we designed a comprehensive 16-week initiative.

By the program's conclusion, participants emerged as proficient programmers adept in secure coding practices. We continually refined and altered the tech stacks throughout to ensure they were continuously aligning to the skillsets required for full stack development. This included the Java stack and Java script stack.

resources deployed to this customer across a 4 year period.




We ran this program over multiple years, with cohorts of 10-20 individuals each time to maintain a strong trainer-to-trainee ratio. If trainees didn't receive DV clearance by the program's end, we placed them on SC level projects or managed them in other internal projects to continue honing their skills.

We ensured all steps of the clearance process happened in a timely manner and took on the processes required of line management to lower the burden and over head of the customer.

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