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DIY Transformation

Inchcape Case Study

12 Months
Built I2 new delivery centers in Columbia & Philippines
18 Months
Restructured entire IT
18 Months
Moved all core business applications to Cloud

Inchcape developed Centres of Excellence in the Philippines and Colombia to enhance their global digital workforce.

Using SkillsNow, they have complete visibility into new hires' progress, can customize learning based on roles and skills, and improve team and individual alignment for higher retention.​


NETbuilder were engaged to be the Workforce Transformation partner delivering:​

  • Recruitment: an end-to-end service for hiring including attraction, assessment, recorded interviewing, selection, and onboarding as well as training of new employees.
  • ​Training: 9 role-based technology tracks in both English and Spanish.​
  • CPD: professional development of new and existing employees including reskilling across each CoE within the two new Digital Delivery Centres (DDCs) in Bogota and Manila.​

new employees were recruited 




"NETbuilder was instrumental in our journey to develop the Digital Delivery Centres in the Philippines and Colombia. The partnership empowered us to leverage their SkillsNow platform to power up our recruitment process and the learning and development of our talents. This gave us data reporting with positive platform user experience.

 We believe that their contribution will play an important role in our plans to develop our workforce's professional goals across customized learning paths. This will help not only our employees in their growth, but also in aligning them with our organizational goals."


Using Skillsnow, NETbuilder delivered:

  • Recruited over 800 new employees with turnkey recruitment campaigns working with regional partners and the customer.​
  • Created and delivered bespoke and tailored training pathways including technology and process content.​
  • Adoption and tailoring of third-party vendor material to enhance skills across platforms including Salesforce, SAP and security.​
  • Continuous Professional Development of their new and existing staff, as well as managing employee wellbeing.​

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