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Deploying Splunk & Custom Use Cases

  • Implement a 300 GB/day Splunk Cloud License.
  • Install and configure Splunk following best practices.
  • On-board 300 GB/day of data from top priority data sources.
  • Become Self-Sufficient.


We integrated Universal Forwarders, Heavy Forwarders, and a Deployment Server, ensuring compatibility with Splunk Cloud for enhanced data management.

Our approach extended to ingesting diverse security-related sources. Additionally, we crafted a tailored Custom app complete with dashboards to give full visibility into the clients security posture.

reduction in ADAudit logs




  • Currently ingesting 165 GB a day in Security logs, down from over 300GB
  • Our approach to security led to the creation of custom alerts aligned with their security use cases, fortifying their defences, and ensuring real-time threat detection.
  • The successful deployment of Splunk, coupled with custom use cases, ensures enhanced threat detection capabilities, and streamlined administration.

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